Friday, September 18, 2009

First Post - Disclaimer and Club Rules

If you want to be one of the Club Members and Blog Authors who "contribute" and write here, drop me an email to enrol!

There is a quota of 100 and I shall grant the authoring right on a first-come-first-serve basis! (My email address is shown in my public profile.)

But before you apply and write, you have to agree beforehand the following rules and principles and you are acknowledged that you will be bound by all the latest rules as set by me and published in this Blog for the Club:-

Club Rules:-

1. You have to write on-topicly according to the themes as laid down in the headlines of this Blog (which might be updated from time to time);

2. You will bear ALL the responsibilities and liabilities personally yourself for what you write here!

3. I, as the site master and owner of this Blog, reserve all the rights to delete any materials which I consider to be inappropriate to appear in this Blog!

4. Be civilised. Don't write in offensive language and in particular no foul language or personal attack is allowed!

5. In case of any dispute that may arise, I reserve the final judgement and all the rights in settling all these in any means as deemed to be necessary and appropriate;

6. Rules of this Club are subject to change and update from time to time when it is considered to be necessary.