Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recruitment of New Members

Being a Pentax lover and die-hard Pentaxian, you are cordially invited to join the Club and to be one of the first authors who contributes and writes new articles and posting news and rumours about the latest Pentax.

I do believe that sometimes collaborative efforts could work better and would have some magical effects than the works of an one-man-band!~

Act now and just drop me an email (remove the header of "antispam." when reply) with your Google ID/Account to enrol!

Ready to accept this new Challenge?! Dare to do so? ;-D

I do hope that my new idea will work, as it seems that no one has done this before (or at least have been more successfully). Btw, most blogs now on the Net are solely individual, I just don't know if a Public Blog will work after all. Let's try anyway! :-)