Friday, September 18, 2009

You're Invited!

If you want to join this Club and write here in order to "make the balance", act now! Dare to drop me an email and apply for an authorship? There is a quota of 100 and I shall offer the authorship on a first-come-first-serve basis!

See you and hope you will start to write and praise the brand and tell the world all the strong points of the Pentax system and gear at here very soon!! ;-D

p.s. You must have a Google Account to join!


torfroy said...

This is a nice one. Eagerly awaiting the first posts here.
Even though I am a Pentax user, I would hesitate to call myself a fanboy and will not sign for posting.
Good luck

Grix said...

I'm a true fanboy type. Owned a Spotmatic back in the late 60's. Currently own a K100. Will own a K-x later when the price drops. This is the perfect blog for me. ...Grix

RiceHigh said...

So, give me your registered Google account email (send to my email - can be found in my profile) and I shall invite you to become one of the 100 authors. Write something positive about Pentax to contribute! See you~

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